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NextGen Auto is one of the largest distributors of automotive parts and accessories located in UK. We have served the Automotive Aftermarket for over 30 years.

NextGen offers a high level of service along with a vast inventory of quality parts. Our offering of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket automotive parts is wide and arguably one of the very best in the United Kingdom.

The automotive aftermarket manufacturer product catalogue includes over 10,000 items of automotive spare parts, which are analogues for more than 50,000 of original parts.

We supply over 100,000 product lines covering vehicle parts, chemicals, tools, equipment and accessories for passenger cars, vans and trucks, nationwide.

We are able to supply the following: Auto Body Parts & Mirrors, Auto Body Parts & Mirrors & Lighting, Engine & Drivetrain, Brakes, Suspension & Steering, Interior, Exterior, Accessories, Wheels & Tyres, Tools & Garage, Workshop Consumables, Electrical Products, Exhaust Fittings & Mounts, Fuel, Heater and Vacuum Hose, Blister Carded Small Parts, Wiper Blades, Washer Pumps, General Consumables such as Cableties, Bulbs, Oil Caps and boot kits along with many more in a range of parts.

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