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Investors have always seen property as a viable investment. Property can be an asset that returns both cash flow and capital, over a sustained period of time.

We are flexible and bespoke. We will work with budgets & investors from all over the world.

When joint venturing (which is different to fixed rate of returns), we are able to align our commercial interest directly to that of our investors. We only offer a single investment on projects we are happy to fund ourselves and liability is shared along with profit.

You select a property to invest in and we will manage the acquisition and development. We only allow one investor per property.

Single Investments are available to registered members who are high net worth or sophisticated investors.
As we continue to grow, we continue to identify more opportunities.

NextGens risk appetite extends to planning plays (including strategic land), development situations (pre-let and speculative), lease up and re-leasing strategies, individual asset repositioning and portfolio aggregation and break ups. Our joint ventures can be simple or complex and are often completed on an off-market basis.

We are a member-led investment company made up of like-minded individuals. We are passionate about entrepreneurs and teams that can take their ideas from proof of concept to customer traction to scale with drive, energy, determination and ambition.

We are a fully-capitalized investment company and our angels range from seasoned investors, tech entrepreneurs, venture fund partners, senior executives of successful companies and one institutional investor.

Joint Venture & Partnership
Are you a businessman or entrepreneur looking to invest in properties for the first time? Would you like to co-invest in properties? Do you want to start your real estate venture? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, we have perfect investment partnership opportunities for you.
Property Investment Partnership provides you the best route for people interested in a joint venture or partnership with us. We provide you our wealth of expertise that can help you drive your venture and make it successful by achieving significant market share. Here’s how the partnership works:

-As partners, you loan us your cash
-With your cash, we purchase BMV (Below Market Value) properties
-After applying mortgage on the property at the market value, we pull out the cash
-You receive your cash back along with agreed interest
-Repeat the process if you are happy!
*All the investments are FSA regulated and backed by assets.

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