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If you own, control or are aware of land or buildings with development potential, we want to hear from you. We pay significant introductory fees for off-market opportunities and we always re-instruct selling agents. In addition, as part of The NexyGen Group, we have direct access to the financial backing, skills and expertise to recognise, evaluate and maximise the value of opportunities that others fail to see.

We are keen to find out more about any opportunity. With a strong track record in turning liabilities into valuable assets, we are also interested in exploring sites that may otherwise be regarded as redundant, difficult or problematic. Refused and appealed cases, land assemblies and sites with difficult histories are welcomed.

We are also happy to discuss joint ventures, profit shares and working in partnership with landowners.

If you value your land highly Contact us Now for an informal and confidential discussion and an initial valuation of your land’s potential

Our Requirements

Any housebuilder depends on the availability of suitable land. This could be land that has previously been developed with residential or commercial properties, large garden plots or derelict areas, as well as disused land close to or within an urban area.

-We operate throughout London, the Home Counties and the South East, North West, Yorkshire
-We acquire with or without planning permission
-We develop sites ranging from a single plot to schemes with no upper limit
-Vacant possession is not a necessity
-Medium and longer-term investment opportunities considered
-Typical brownfield sites, redundant commercial/ industrial buildings and garden assemblies
-Conversions of existing buildings
-Contaminated and difficult sites are welcomed
-Unconditional purchases, subject to planning or joint ventures
– Mixed-use schemes

Being a privately owned company backed by considerable financial resources, we are in the fortunate position of being able to make decisions and purchase land quickly and efficiently.

We Want to Hear From You

If you know of a site you think may have potential, please call or email for a confidential discussion. We are willing to consider every opportunity and can often make things work where others have failed. It’s our policy to pay significant fees to introducers, we are able to negotiate quickly and tailor each land transaction to suit your needs.

If you own, or know of, land you think might have development potential, Contact Us Now or Tip-off a Friend.

Buying and Developing Land across the UK

UK Land takes pride in our transparency, versatility, openness, and innovation. With a commitment to long term sustainability, we work with land owners, land agents and planning professionals to provide residential and commercial developments across the UK.

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