NextGen Group Investors Club of Property Investment Partnership

The NextGen Group Investors Club was founded by Daniel Cane and Abid Hussain, who have extensive experience of working in the property industry for over 40 years. In 2003, Daniel realised that property investors are quite discerned with the services provided by the estate agents who are not at all aware of their needs and requirements. To help the discerned investors, he laid the foundation of NextGen Group Investors Club which has helped thousands of investors in building successful property portfolios. With this club, Daniel and Abid take pride in assisting the investors to become financially free through property.

We Search for Goldmine Areas
At NextGen Group Investors Club, our main aim is to find the potential property investment opportunities and bring them to your forefront after our due diligence. We review the property and analyse its potential of yielding high returns and capital growth in future. Such potential properties are what we call as our “Goldmine Areas” that we present to you so that you can invest and earn huge profits on your investments.

Our Skilled Power Team
The NextGen Group Investors Club of Property Investment Partnership has a power team of experts to assist you in all spheres of investments. We have a network of qualified professionals to help you becoming a successful investor. As the investor, you just need to invest while we take care of everything else. All the services are available under one roof of NextGen Group Investors Club which is inclined towards assisting you in building a strong property portfolio.

Join the NextGen Group Investors Club Community
The community of NextGen Group Investors Club of Property Investment Partnership is a network of like-minded investors. Joining the community can bring lots of benefits to the investors. It actually acts as a one-stop-shop for property investments while providing knowledge, education, support and strategy advice to the investors. The expert team of Property Investment Partnership is available to provide complete assistance to the investors on how to make money through property.

Property Investment with Property Investment Partnership
Why You Should Invest in Property?
Unlike other investments such as investments with bank, saving accounts, pension funds etc. have much lower rate of returns. As compared to this, investment in property brings unimaginable profits. Not only you receive huge returns but you are able to achieve your financial goals like never before. You can buy anything you want and can achieve financial growth at a much faster rate.

Investment with Property Investment Partnership can help you, as the investors, to turn your international property investment into a profitable business. We ensure presenting only the potential investment opportunities to you with high returns on investment. We offer following exemplary services to our investors interested in property investment:

Property Acquisition Services
Property Investment Partnership has a team of experienced professionals who have been dealing in the property business for years. Our team assists you in acquiring the best properties with high yielding potential. We acquire all kinds of properties viz. residential properties, HMOs and even the commercial properties.

Property Development Services
We, at Property Investment Partnership, have strong connections with professional builders, architects and contractors who successfully turn the empty property into a well-structured property built with modern style of living. The services are completely tailored according to your needs and requirements.

Property Refurbishment Services
Property Investment Partnership not only acquires the properties but also offers property refurbishment services turning the run down properties to comfortable living spaces. We understand the requirements of our clients and hence provide all levels of refurbishment assistance whether small or large.

Property Management Services
Our property management services let you enjoy investing without any hassles involved. We handle all repair and maintenance work. Our technical team is available to assist you all the time whenever you are in need. At Property Investment Partnership, we ensure delivery of efficient property management services to our esteemed clients.

Property Marketing and Brokerage Services
We utilize effective marketing strategies and techniques to advertise properties to the potential buyers. Scanning, 3D modelling and other advanced marketing techniques are used to advertise and sell the properties at profitable rates.

Property Sales Services
Our main motive is to penetrate the property market, find the potential opportunities in the area and negotiate the deals leading to best results. We have expertise to take care of searching the properties that could yield high returns of fixed rental incomes. We utilize our wealth of experience to purchase the properties at below market value that could yield high fixed returns to our investors.

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