residential-property-investmentProperty is our core business – from strategic aquisition to land buying and development.

The below highlights some of our activity over the last 10 years both in the UK and further afield.

We ensure that in all our offices, each Team Leader and Fund Manager has their own team of; Property Sourcers, Letting Specialists, Property Managers and Project Managers.

In addition to acquiring properties on behalf of our investor client base, we also have an extensive property bank of our own.

We at NextGen group invest in as many of the developments as we can, that we present to our clients as an opportunity. If it is not a sound investment for our company, then it is not a sound investment for our clients. This is a unique philosophy in the business and has helped to single us out from the competition.

We have invested in property around the UK, in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, London, Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff and many other major cities. In recent years NeextGen has expanded overseas, investing in Spain, Cyprus, Dubai, Oman & India.

With an ongoing commitment to building our company on our core values, we are straightforward, honest and open with our clients at all times. We work as a team, doing what we say we are going to do. Through our firm belief in sourcing only commendable investment opportunities, we intend to set the benchmark for property investment companies within the UK.

Investing in property

Residential property investment is ideal for those clients that are looking to build a property portfolio through direct ownership that will gain in capital value over time but provide a regular income as well.

The most important aspect of any strategy, investment or otherwise, is to understand your motivation. If you are unclear on exactly what you are trying to achieve it is unlikely that you will succeed.

The first step in your journey will be to fully understand exactly what your goals are – what it is you want to achieve? If you don’t know, or have not considered this before, we at Claremont will help and guide you.

Whether this is capital growth, rental income, or perhaps a portfolio for security in retirement, we combine your ideas of what you want with our knowledge of possible ways to achieve, always taking in to account your unique situation and requirements.

At NextGen, we are with you every step of the way. We establish that there is sufficient rental demand, and capital growth potential for each property. We supply an investment summary relating to every purchase. We use our negotiating strength and professional reputation and experience across all areas of our service to offer you the best possible opportunities and prices.

We’ll always be on hand to answer any enquiries you may have or discuss opportunities available – in as straightforward and informative a way as possible.

Bricks and mortar are the foundation of most people’s investment assets. Now, more than ever, property remains a sound investment. The arguments are well articulated in the financial press on a daily basis.

However, in order to maximise its real wealth creation potential, property portfolio management remains time-consuming.

Property remains a year-on-year strong performer. As well as the recognition property has received as an alternative to underperforming private pensions, it offers strong capital growth potential and can be passed on in perpetuity. Property investment also offers the prospect of withdrawing tax-free lump sums and the potential of releasing funds for future investment purposes.

Every analysis indicates that this is not a trend but an underlying certainty. This is certainly the case in the UK and across many other parts of the world. In this context, and with considerable institutional investment, the private residential sector continues to expand rapidly and gather momentum.

No investment is a 100% certainty. It would be imprudent to suggest otherwise. Property prices and/ or rents can take a downward direction. Void periods, rent arrears, rental/ sales competition and long sales periods are all risk factors to be considered. However, when the realities of supply and demand are applied to the property sector, it continues to make stocks and shares appear erratic and under-performing.

We are an expert developer and regeneration specialist. Through our regeneration and development projects, we are changing the norm. We see and deliver potential where others can’t because of our expertise and because we think differently. Working together with partners, we seek to create places and experiences that deliver shared value, build a lasting legacy and contribute to better futures for all.

Our history and expertise is in the regeneration and renewal of spaces, taking on the challenges that others cannot and breathing life into places to create new and better opportunities, for our business and for all our stakeholders.

Our aim is to always deliver sustainable solutions and to ensure that what is created is appropriate locally, and lasting. We think long term and deliver. And we invest – and are invested in – our work and in the communities we help to build.

We are leading the way in delivering quality places to live and work that enhance communities and create opportunities for growth and shared returns.

Our strategy is intended to improve our returns on capital by concentrating our activities on sectors that have long-term structural growth characteristics while also enhancing our flexibility through tightly controlling leverage and reducing the proportion of our portfolio invested in land.
-This is captured through our three key strategic objectives:
-Build a high quality industrial and logistics business
-Grow our residential and housebuilding business
-Leverage our regeneration reputation

With an outstanding track record of over 30 years, we add value by managing schemes through the planning process, remediating brownfield land and active asset management and development.

We tackle challenging sites that have the clear potential to benefit from our specialist skills, and turn them into inspirational and thriving new residential and business communities.

We create value from our residential projects in two ways.

First, we bring forward land from our existing residential land bank, using our expertise and experience in remediation, planning and infrastructure to produce ‘oven-ready’ land that can be sold to third parties.

Last year, over 49 acres of ‘oven-ready’ land was sold to third party housebuilders for £59m, with at least a similar volume of sales expected for 2019.
Second, we take the whole development forward via our housebuilding brand NextGen Homes, or in joint venture with like-minded developers.
We’re involved from the very start with planning and infrastructure, all the way through to build and marketing. Each project is treated to the same design-led, local developer mentality that we call the NextGen difference, which prioritises light, space, a sustainable environment and the community’s core needs.

We own and manage over 950 individual property units within approximately 135 separately designated buildings over the mainland United Kingdom.
Please contact us if you are interested in leasing our properties. We specialise in good secondary retail, industrial units and offices, and also have many residential flats in several town centre locations.

What we do

Coupling nationwide coverage with local expertise, we offer the full range of products and services to meet all our customers’ property needs.

Sales & lettings

We have the largest network of estate and letting agents across the UK, covering over 60 high street brands.


We have access to thousands of mortgage products, from high street and specialist lenders.


Our home and personal insurance options help to bring peace of mind should the worst happen.


We offer a range of conveyancing services, including sale and purchase, remortgage and separate legal representation.


With a range of surveys to choose from, you can trust us to give you the low-down on the condition of a property before you buy.

Property auctions

We sell residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural properties and land by public auction across the UK.

Commercial property

We help commercial property owners, investors and occupiers minimise costs, maximise returns and unlock hidden value.

Estate management

We provide a range of specialist property services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Residential development

We work with the UK’s most successful house builders and developers.

Residential asset management

A leading asset management operation for corporate clients looking to dispose of their residential property assets.

Corporate PRS & build to rent

Our service is tailored to your individual requirements to ensure a seamless and integrated solution for all your property needs.

Residential investment management

We have a specialist team focusing on investment into build to rent and large-scale PRS.

Relocation services

From comprehensive corporate relocation packages to emergency accommodation for policyholders, we can help.

Operating throughout the major conurbations of the UK, NextGen Group is a leading provider of family Private Rented Sector housing.

Our activities are focused on creating new communities through the provision of new, well located and quality family housing to rent – an important, yet neglected, element of the burgeoning UK PRS market.

We focus on the creation of communities by delivering new, good quality and well located family homes to rent. Our housing developments deliver strong social-economic benefits and remains at the forefront of political and social agendas within Government.

Delivering a secure, asset backed income stream which provides both scale and value for our investors is only possible by the unique partnerships we forge with institutional funding, house builders, local authorities and Central Government.

  • We only invest in mainland UK.
  • We seek high rental returns and have recently purchased properties yielding 10% to 15%.
  • Our preference is lot sizes of sub £5million, however we may look at larger assets especially as we have the potential for bigger projects using joint venture partners.
  • We prefer good secondary retail parades with upper parts (or potential to build upper parts).
  • We also have a preference for multi let industrial estates.
  • We also like department stores or large town or city mixed use blocks.
  • We acquire freehold or long-leasehold investments.
  • We have significant experience and in-house expertise to manage messy management intensive properties – to generate the higher rental returns we pursue.
  • We can assist businesses to refinance through sale and leaseback.
  • We would look at distressed debt situations (instead of asset purchase) if the financing structure was simple i.e. no mezzanine financing etc.
  • If a company with property assets is not in administration but in financial difficulty we have experience in dealing directly with the management/ owners together with the lenders, to assist in resolving the financial issues. This will usually be by our group purchasing the property directly and/ or providing additional equity to the company.
  • We also have an interest in opportunities to invest in or takeover trading companies’ when a significant amount of the value, in the entity, relates to property.

Investment Requirements

Below is only a guide and so please contact us with your opportunity.

Our primary objective is to maximise long-term return for our shareholders by stable growth in net asset value and dividend per share, from a consistent and sustainable rental income stream.

To achieve our goals we work alongside our tenants for our mutual benefit. Our approach provides diversity and reduces exposure to any downturn in the property market.

Our portfolio is spread across the UK mainland from Perth in the north to Southampton in the south and Swansea in the west to Hull in the east. We invest in all sectors of the market, concentrating on commercial property.

We continue to expand our investment portfolio by uncovering commercial opportunities which offer a high yielding return on our investment, or the reasonable expectation for such a return.

We also endeavour to enhance shareholder return through assisting smaller to medium-sized companies with sale and leaseback arrangements and through company acquisitions.

Our small yet highly experienced management team, enable us to evaluate opportunities quickly and efficiently.

NextGen Homes is a brownfield regeneration specialist. We are devoted to providing high quality residential and mixed-use developments through our activities as a self-delivering housebuilder.

As a leading brownfield regeneration specialist, we focus on buying brownfield sites and enhancing their value through obtaining planning permissions for residential and mixed use developments. As our business and markets have developed, we have begun to focus on the self-delivery of projects to create high quality homes.

NextGen Property Services is one of the UK’s leading residential property services groups operating throughout the residential property services value chain – Residential Sales, Lettings, Asset Management, Financial Services and Surveying and Valuation Services. It provides a broad range of services to customers including lenders, buyers and sellers of residential properties, tenants and landlords.

Welcome to NextGen Housing Group.

We are UK’s Guaranteed Rent Specialists!

NextGen Housing Group’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme provides landlords with a guaranteed monthly rental income for up to 5 years. Quite simply, it’s the most reliable way to let your property!

These are just some of the benefits NextGen Housing Group’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme offers landlords in UK:-

  • No loss of rental income. Just guaranteed fixed monthly rent for up to 5 years;
  • No costly void periods – your rent is paid even when your property is unoccupied;
  • A smooth, straightforward and reliable full letting and management service;
  • No hidden costs;
  • No more hours lost dealing with viewings and lettings;
  • Properties let within 1 week;
  • A dedicated property management team on hand to deal with any maintenance or tenant issues on a day-to-day basis;
  • A full maintenance and repairs service;
  • Regular property inspections;
  • No risk of tenant rent arrears;
  • No risk of legal eviction costs;
  • Protection against tenant damage;
  • Prompt electronic monthly payment of your rent;
  • Your property returned in its original condition (*subject to fair wear and tear);
  • Guaranteed vacant possession of your property on handback.

Investment Case

Investing in real estate in the right sectors, in the right locations, at the right price

Our multi million property portfolio is invested in areas of the UK market that offer good prospects for income and value growth.

The team specialises in off-market corporate acquisitions which are tax efficient and have minimal purchase costs to absorb. We remain disciplined in our asset selection, leveraging our strong and extensive property relationships.

Diversified outside London

The portfolio has grown significantly over the last few years. It is diversified by location, sector and tenants, with a strong focus on the office, industrial and leisure sectors. Demand for office and industrial space outside London remains high and, with limited supply, this is creating good demand/supply dynamics and prospects for rental growth. The yield differential between London and the regions remains above average, with limited development taking place creating upward pressure on rents in growth locations.

Entrepreneurial approach

We are entrepreneurial in our approach to stock selection. We are not restricted to one sector, therefore we are able to evaluate each opportunity on its own merits and limit our exposure to market fluctuations in any one sector.

Active Asset Management securing growing income

NextGen Capital operates a total return model and income is a key component of this, particularly at a time when real estate has already benefitted from significant capital returns from market yield compression. We apply innovative asset management strategies in order to unlock potential and grow sustainable cash returns.

Value growth

Our focus is on growing, strengthening and lengthening our income and creating assets that are well positioned for the future. Property refurbishments, developments and planning permissions are achieved to reposition assets to maximise value. We have established a core portfolio of sustainable income producing assets which has enabled us to reward investors with a progressive dividend. Furthermore, we also have the flexibility to re-invest surplus cash to refurbish, reposition and recycle property to grow the underlying capital values of the existing portfolio.

Off-Market Properties

hotel-development-landNextGen Off-Market Properties UK is a discreet service connecting buyers and sellers of off-market properties. Many of the best properties today are sold off-market.

If you are looking to buy or sell off-market properties, then you certainly have come to the right place. NextGen Off-Market Properties UK has over 50 years of experience in the global property business and we have many clients with an appetite for off-market properties to whom we already offer an expanding portfolio of outstanding development opportunities. Many of the off-market properties we listed this year sold within one month.

Our service is completely bespoke and our task is to connect buyers to sellers with maximum discretion, confidentiality and with minimum fuss. Even though NextGen Off-Market Properties’s core market is central London, including: Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Earls Court, we also have properties and development opportunities in other parts of the UK. Basically, wherever the market is most dynamic. If you own a property in an area where we do not yet cover, still try us.

Why go off market? We understand that many property owners prefer to sell their properties privately and not publicly. Confidentiality is usually the reason, perhaps for family reasons or because the owner has a high profile. An advantage to owners is that interest in off market properties tend often to come from serious investors able to exchange quickly.

We collaborate with exclusive property experts to provide you with access and support, to both on and off market properties in the most attractive areas of the UK

Off-Market Student Property


NextGen Properties UK is pleased to announce we can now offer our buyers discounted Portfolios of Student Properties.

All of the portfolios of properties we can source are discounted to current market value (we have them bank valued) and are located in Russell Group University Towns, where demand for student accommodation is high, and supply is low. Usually the properties are already producing a good rental income (8% – 14% in most cases), with potential for this to be increased. All of the properties are Off-Market and are being sold this way by banks requiring discretion.

In addition to the higher than normal yield, with most of our portfolios there is opportunity to add value to the properties: whether by creating extra bedrooms, or improving the properties where necessary, taking into account the discounted price we can access, the high reliable rental yield and the opportunity to develop, these portfolios of student properties can be highly rewarding as well as a secure.

  • Discounted Portfolios of Student Properties
  • Russell Group University Towns
  • Strong Rental Yields (most portfolios are already let)
  • Opportunity to Add Value
  • High resale value post Capex
  • Due Diligence available on request
  • Off-Market Opportunity

To learn more about our discounted portfolios of Student Properties, please get in contact.


Property agents are invaluable to us which is why we are committed to the following principles:

  • Agent loyalty, to build trust and partnership;
  • Full fees paid promptly on completion;
  • Agents reinstructed where possible;
  • Part agency participation, to enable sharing of the potential rewards;
  • Management instruction where possible.

Property investments requirements

NextGen has substantial funds to invest in Regional offices offering a mixture of the following criteria:

Single assets

  • Well located Regional offices in city centers or business parks located throughout the United Kingdom;
  • Short dated leases, vacant or part vacant properties;
  • Rent reviews within next 2 years or outstanding reviews;
  • Imminent break options or future break options within the next 2 years;
  • Tenants out of occupation;
  • Weak / non bankable covenants as tenants in good quality buildings;
  • Office development opportunities; either sites, options or partially completed schemes where the location justifies the risk.


  • Well located regional office properties;
  • Part secure income / part vacant or short let income;
  • Portfolio value £ no upper limit.

Please note that Joint Ventures with developers, land owners, occupiers or agents are welcome, particularly in respect of off-market opportunities where generous profit sharing arrangements are available.

The NextGen company acquires provincial office properties where it can add value by undertaking lease renewals, rent reviews, lettings and refurbishments.

Private Client Property Services

NextGen Wealth Management provides a comprehensive real estate service supported by our expert Real Estate team. We work with you to understand your specific Real Estate investment requirements from sourcing the right property for you through to financing your acquisition.


We collaborate with exclusive property experts to provide you with access and support, to both on and off market properties in the most attractive areas of the UK specialising in prime central London real estate.


With our partners we can support you so that your property acquisition is as simple and straightforward as possible. We can introduce you to market leading lawyers and experienced tax advisors who will help you complete your property purchase and make the most of your investment.


If you have found your property, you just require financing; we offer Islamic funding for real estate acquisitions. In addition to our property sourcing and financing services, our experienced staff can also provide you access to:

  • Tailored real estate funds
  • Opportunities to invest in commercial or residential real estate development projects
  • A by invitation Concierge Service
  • Private Client Property Services

NextGen Concierge provides a full service from bill payments to tenant management to interior design.

We are NextGen Group

One of the UK’s leading and long-standing land, property and construction companies

NextGen Land Promotion

NextGen Land Management is the strategic land and planning promotion arm of NextGen Group. Our experienced land and planning teams promote and deliver land opportunities through the complexities of the UK Planning System.

NextGen Land Management Limited is well into its third decade of acquiring, promoting, developing and trading in land.

During that time it has established an outstanding record in resolving complex planning and associated technical problems in order to secure planning permissions for a whole range of different land uses.

With the head office in Sheffield and six regional offices Hallam operate nationally, working with landowners, local authorities, communities and other stakeholders to bring forward new development opportunities.

NextGen Developments

NextGen Developments is a major force in the UK property development market. With its considerable experience and impressive reputation in all sectors of property development, the Company has built up a substantial investment portfolio in recent years.

NextGen has a proud reputation for being one of the UK’s most innovative and exciting developers of specialist commercial property.

With offices in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Bristol and Sheffield it can be seen that Henry NextGen Developments commit to work on many schemes in diverse locations across the UK.

Numerous innovative and high quality development and regeneration schemes have been completed, many of which have been retained for long term investment.

NextGen Construction

A long established company, NextGen Construction specialises in serving both public and private clients in all construction sectors, including civil engineering.

An award- winning contractor committed to the highest standards of health and safety, project delivery and reducing environmental impact, NextGen Construction offer a quality service which is only possible through the dedication and talent of the long serving workforce.

Schemes are delivered to the highest quality, safely, on time, within agreed costs and to the maximum benefit to all parties.


Purpose-built Student Accommodation – Build To Rent – Private Rented Sector

Are you looking for high rental income from Student Property Investment?

Purpose-built Student Accommodation investment provides a full asset ownership and an annual NET income of 10% per annum.

  • Cash Investment from £59,000
  • Full property ownership
  • Annual Returns up to 10%
  • Fully managed investment
  • Assured Fixed Returns up to five years
  • No Stamp Duty Land Tax*

*investment under £150,000

Why NextGen Students?

NextGen specialises in purpose-built student accommodation and our team of investment experts have helped hundreds of customers purchase a asset-owned, fully managed property to earn monthly rental income.

A little over five years ago – with over 50-years combined experience – we set out to make a difference in our customers lives by sourcing the best-in-class UK property investments and also providing a very honest, full-rounded service.

With no restrictions or bias to any one developer we are able to have a positive impact on the industry through our property due diligence, experience and feedback.


Let NextGen help you find your new investment. Our investment experts are on hand to offer free tips on student property investment.

A Specialist Property Investment Company

NextGen specialise in buy-to-let property investments located in key locations across the UK, including: purpose-built student accommodation, residential buy-to-let, commercial/block units – whether buy or selling.

We help purchasers from the UK and abroad find exactly the property investment to suit their requirements and assist our clients as they plan and grow their property portfolios.

FREE Grants And Financing Available for Landlords UK – Financial Help For Landlords – Renovation Grants For Landlords

If you’re planning on making certain improvements to your property, you may qualify for financial assistance from the NextGen Group.

Grants for private landlords. Private landlords who own rented properties ​can apply for a grant to help improve their properties from the NextGen Group.

Owners of rental properties needing financial assistance for renovation projects can apply for grants. Funds cover repair and construction costs to improve the living conditions of the housing units. Owners can also use these grants to build new public housing units and other residential structures, such as apartment buildings, which rent to low-income families.

Housing renewal schemes focus on improving and regenerating whole areas, including the renovation of private properties by NextGen.

Empty, vacant and disused properties

Bringing empty homes back in to use is an essential part of Adur and Worthing’s strategy to provide good quality decent housing for local people. Most of the empty properties are owned by private individuals.

Empty Property Strategy
We have set out in our Empty Property Strategy how we will work with owners of empty homes to bring them back into occupied use.

Empty Homes Partnership

Vacant and Derelict Land or Agricultural Buildings - Empty Properties UK

If you are aware of an empty or derelict property (Property), you may notify us of the … The property reported is not in a rural loaction. … Garage blocks with ancillary land; Land between houses; Corner plots; Infill sites; Vacant or disused.
The £200 Rewards Programme For Reporting Empty Properties.

You must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate, and you must reside in the UK.

If you are aware of an empty or derelict property (Property), you may notify us of the property using our contact form process on our website You must follow all of the prompts and fill out all of the information required, including your contact details.

You will need to know:

  • The address of the property;
  • That it is a residential property;

You may report as many properties as you like.

You promise that the information you provide to us, on every occasion, whilst using our ‘report an empty get my £200’ process is correct to the best of your knowledge.

You agree that we may share details of the property with our business partners or other third parties.

Gift Voucher Rewards Spotter

If the property meets our eligibility criteria, and you complete our ‘report an empty get my £200’ process, your name will be added to those qualifying participants who could receive a £200 gift voucher issued by Marks & Spencer plc (or another third party of our choice).

We will notify you by email to the email address provided by you if you have been selected to receive one of our gift vouchers within 30 days of the end of the calendar month in which you participated in the ‘report an empty get my £200’ scheme, except in exceptional circumstances this may be delayed by up to 60 days.

The voucher will be emailed or posted to the email/postal address supplied by you. Any voucher supplied to you cannot be refunded or exchanged for its cash value, and may be subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer.

Please note that the voucher is issued by a third party. We are not the seller of the product or services redeemable by the voucher. When you redeem your voucher, you enter into a contract with the seller, not with us. It is that seller who is solely responsible for redeeming any voucher, and providing you with the corresponding products or services. We will not be liable to you for any losses incurred by you in relation to your use of the voucher.

You must not reproduce, sell, re-sell or trade any voucher which we provide to you, or engage in any unlawful activity in connection with the use of a voucher. Any attempt to do so may, at our discretion, lead to your disqualification from the later stages of the ‘report an empty’ reward scheme (i.e. the 1% cash reward).

We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged vouchers, or for your failure to redeem the voucher in advance of the expiry date.

If you are unable to redeem your voucher for any reason, we may, at our sole discretion, replace the voucher or provide you with a cash alternative.

This gift voucher reward scheme is subject to change and can be withdrawn without notice at any time.

A property is eligible only if, on the date you completed the notification process:

  1. The property is not currently on the open market for sale or rental and has not previously been advertised for sale or to let during the previous six month period (including advertised for sale or to let by auction or listed with estate agents or using online property search engines);
  2. The property has been empty for more than 12 months (unless it has recently fallen into probate).
  3. If the property is occupied, then the property must appear to be derelict
  4. The property reported is in a high density residential area with property values being in excess of £100,000 (Scotland, Ireland, N Ireland and Wales are exluded from our reward paramaters)
  5. The property is residential (not commercial – this includes public houses & hotels);
  6. The property has not been purchased within the last 5 years;
  7. Details of the property have not previously been submitted to us;
  8. The property is not owned by us or our associates or associated companies;
  9. The property does not form part of our existing database;
  10. Planning permission has not been applied for within the last 3 years;
  11. The property does not form part of a high-rise council or ex-council block and
  12. The property is privately owned;
  13. If Google maps is outdated we reserve the right to request picture confirmation before issuing a voucher or reward.
  14. The property reported is not in a rural loaction.

Infill, land and garage sites will operate with their own requirements and will be rewardable on their own terms however the reward scheme will still be based on a £200 gift voucher if it qualifies and 1% of the purchase price if we successfully purchase the property. The requirements are for the following in urban residential areas; We reserve the right not to reward on any ‘spots’ where we don’t see development potential.

  1. Garage blocks with ancillary land
  2. Land between houses
  3. Corner plots
  4. Infill sites
  5. Vacant or disused garages i.e MOT Centres
  6. Derelict shops
  7. Vacant light industrial units on residential streets
  8. Disused buildings on residential streets
  9. Houses with side plots or garages

The 9 options above are eligable only if, on the date you completed the notification process;

  1. The property is not currently on the open market for sale or rental and has not previously been advertised for sale or to let during the previous six month period, including advertised for sale by auction, listed with estate agents o by online search engines;
  2. The property is within London and the Home Counties, and UK;
  3. The property or land has not been purchased within the last 5 years;
  4. Details of the property have not previously been submitted to us;
  5. The property does not form part of our existing database;
  6. The property is not owned by us or our associates or associated companies;
  7. Planning permission has not been applied for within the last 3 years.

1% cash reward

If you notify us of a property using our ‘report an empty get my £200’ process, you may be eligible for a cash reward.

You will be eligible if:

  • You notify us of a property and, as a result, we purchase that property;
  • You have no financial interest in the property;
  • You have not been disqualified from the reward scheme
  • The property complies with the eligibility criteria set out above; and
  • You are not in breach of any of these terms.

The cash reward will be equal to 1% of the actual purchase price following completion of the purchase.

‘Actual purchase price’ means the price paid by us for the Property exclusive of all fees, stamp duty, fixtures and fittings etc.

The 1% cash reward is subject to a cap of £10,000.

We will also make a donation to a local charity (within the local borough of the purchased property) of our choice of not less than £500.

We will inform you of the purchase of the property, and the value of your cash reward, by email to the address provided to us within 30 days of the purchase completion. You may claim your cash reward by completing the bank detail request form included in our email to you and returning it to us within 30 days of our email notification. We will then transfer your cash reward to the account details provided within 30 days of you claiming your cash reward.

It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct, up to date, contact details for you.

If you fail to claim your cash reward within the 30 days of our email notification, we may determine that you are no longer eligible for the cash reward.

We reserve the right not to purchase any property for any or no reason. Where we decide not to purchase a property, we are under no obligation to inform you of our reasons for this decision. We are under no obligation to keep you informed of, or up to date regarding, any negotiations we enter for the purchase of any property, or any details of the purchase until after its completion.

Our liability to you

Our only obligation towards you is to provide you with the 1% cash reward if you are eligible to receive it.


You agree not to disclose details of the purchase price of the property, or any information relating to our business affairs, with any person, company or other organisation without our written permission to do so.

Your personal information

You agree to us sharing your personal information with our sponsors/partners, including the voucher provider, for the purpose of issuing you with the gift voucher and providing you with the cash reward. For more information on how we collect and use your personal data, please see our Privacy and Cookies Policy.


You agree that we may use non-identifying details of your cash reward for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes. With your permission, we may also use specific personal details, photographs and other identifying information for such purpose.

NextGen Property Group is a leading third party manager of purpose-built residential accommodation.

We work with developers, investors and universities to turn great buildings into great places to live.

We operate two distinct consumer brands, NextGen Students and NextGen Properties, covering both the student and build to rent markets.

These brands enable our clients to showcase their unique properties whilst benefitting from our professional, award-winning service.

Our reputation is built on our quality, deliverability and accountability, whilst our organisational values and culture place the customer at the centre of everything we do.

FREE Grants And Financing Available for Landlords UK – Financial Help For Landlords – Renovation Grants For Landlords

If you’re planning on making certain improvements to your property, you may qualify for financial assistance from the NextGen Group.

Grants for private landlords. Private landlords who own rented properties ​can apply for a grant to help improve their properties from the NextGen Group.

Owners of rental properties needing financial assistance for renovation projects can apply for grants. Funds cover repair and construction costs to improve the living conditions of the housing units. Owners can also use these grants to build new public housing units and other residential structures, such as apartment buildings, which rent to low-income families.

Housing renewal schemes focus on improving and regenerating whole areas, including the renovation of private properties by NextGen

Purpose Built Student Accommodation

As the expectations and demands of students has continued to grow in both the standard of their education and where they live, so investors and developers have striven to match and very often exceed that expectation. Gone are the days of damp and cramped properties as the rise of purpose built student accommodation allows not just top quality living but a range of services surrounding it.

Unfortunately the provision of property management services into this field has not kept pace with the developments that have been going up. It is vital given the size and significant investment levels to create these assets that the developers and investors choose the right manager to take day-to-day control. It is also essential that the manager is brought in to consult on the development at the design stage to advise as very often small changes can make running the assets much more cost effective.

NextGen Property Management can help on all aspects of management and support of purpose built student accommodation. At the design stage we will review and advise on facilities and layouts to maximise the return whilst minimising the management cost. During the build we will continually review the market and support the developer and set the process for marketing the accommodation in place. As the property manager we do not insist on keeping all marketing in house. We work with local agents to maximise the exposure to the right market locally and overseas to ensure the occupancy rate hits 100%.

Once built and occupied we will continue to ensure that all compliance requirements are met and the resident’s needs are attended to resulting in our high level of satisfaction rates, and increasing the likelihood of maintaining occupancy in our buildings throughout a resident’s academic career.

If you would like to discuss moving the management of your building to NextGen Property Management, or have an investment currently in the planning process we would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

We’re Purpose Built for Student Accomodation


Management of PBSA Schemes

We provide a complete management service to Purpose Built Student Accommodation (‘PBSA’) owners and investors. This includes marketing, student management, building operation, maintenance and health & safety, ensuring the smooth day to day operation of their investment assets.


Mobilisation of PBSA Schemes

We’ve brought to market hundreds of student beds for student accommodation developers in the past few years, with even more in the pipeline for 2019 and 2020.


Consultancy for PBSA developers, investors and fund managers

Ensuring things are done right from the beginning is critical for success within the student market. Recognising this is the reason why we are frequently asked by student accommodation developers, private investors and fund managers to contribute at the initial concept and idea stages of new schemes and during the acquisition process of existing assets.