The Company

The group as it stands today had very humble beginnings when at the age of 18 Group chairman and directors, James Brown and Peter Jones started their entrepreneurial adventure and set up their first of several children’s clothing boutiques in Leeds, Manchester. They sold there retail empire when they were 20 and went into residential property, first buying and renovating small terraced houses then specializing heavily in the booming Leeds student accommodation market. In 2005 Mr Jones decided to concentrate on commercial property and launched NextGen Acquisitions, a company providing serviced office accommodation, retail business outlets, hotels and industrial parks.

NextGen Group is now recognised around the globe and has a multi-million pound commercial portfolio worldwide.

In more recent times the Group has continued to develop new business centres, self-storage units as well as other bespoke projects including a range of cutting edge ‘eco’ homes. From an asset management aspect the group continues to invest heavily in sound commercial properties throughout the UK including a range of high street bank properties and major supermarket outlets.

The company has high hopes and the vision to create the next super brand.