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About the Club

The Millionaires Business Club is a niche and it is in town. It is a limited edition luxury not meant for everyone. Not everyone who can afford can be a part of it. It is secure and it is surely for people who maintain the higher score in the society. The club is designed to bring together people who blend with their own and prefer to do business for the sake of relationships while profits are secondary and always happening. It is the talk of the town of the wealthier, the visionaries, the brave, the adventurist, the leaders.

The Signature of Millionaires in Town

Millionaires club is a signature of the town. But do you qualify? Do you really have that to be one of those who lead from the front? Can you lead from the front? Do you want to innovate and share the secret of the business circle?

The motto of the club is like minded successful people come together to give business avenue a new boost and push forward.

“Great Minds Think Ideas, Greater Innovations”

Creating Confidence in Business History

Business Club is the Innovation House of the Greats and the Royals. Innovating Business History is our grand History.

Do you want to be a part of the exclusive project and a secret reunion? The reunion of the grand and the rich. Business Club will be the business brand of the region with independence. How far can you go with us?

Are you are already a brand with the Business Club? Brands of the Leaders. Exclusive Business Leaders.

Welcome to the Club. Your Own, very own.

how it works

How Does It Work – Strength Creation at Millionaires Club.

We as a club place high priority to relationships.
The club is all in all in innovation and resources. What sets it apart is the exclusive relationship. Relationship building is what we focus on. We believe in nurturing longer and stronger built relationships can bode well in any weather, any season.

Networking with Millionaires in a Million Dollar Domain – Opportunity Window

But who meets who? Not everyone but a select few but the much better than the rest.

Step 1 – Expertise Pooling, Grading and Divisions – The League of the Wealthier

Consultants – Qualified consultants, who will be graded, interviewed, tested, screened and passed through a tough procedure. The best brains will walk the ramp with the crown.

Grading and Division Process – Every consultant shall be graded and placed under the division of expertise the consultants possess.
Taskforce Building – the different sectors of consultants shall then be formed as a Taskforce to produce and offer products and services through the channels of The Millionaires Club.
The Niche Market Production and Projection – The consultants’ groups shall offer the best and exclusive in the industry and market to the Millionaires group. This trend shall grow the market at a new dimension – the promotion will add a niche to the market for select

Top People – Business owners, business generators, celebrities, Philanthropists, News makers, the Headline makers, the knowledge Gurus, and the industry champions shall form the highest ranking group in the club.

Idea Gurus – People who seek chances to promote their ideas, skills, innovations and research to be MILLIONAIRES..!! The diamonds which live amongst stones shall be cherry picked.

Step 2 – Power Combination – Knowledge & Wealth Generation + Business Improvement

The combination of the consultants group, the Top Group and the Idea Gurus shall initiate the new beacon of business generation in the region.
The different graded divisions with pools of expertise will work on different business areas with richer ideas for further improvement and innovations.

Step 2.1 – Service Orientation + Knowledge Orientation + Business Building – Consultants Domain

  1. Consultants will work on their specific areas of expertise – they shall improve their skills and knowledge base plus give an additional business touch with the advantage offered from The Millionaires Club
  2. The expertise shall be graded, certified under a strict set of rules to conduct the studies and processes and generation of their businesses – The Millionaires Club will have defined a certain industrial benchmark and standard.
  3. Consultants shall conduct and generate business with the Millionaires. The Millionaires will have the guarantee from The Club for the standard and quality of consultants’ knowledge and business reference.
  4. The business results shall be monitored by The Club.
  5. Consultants and Idea Gurus will work on the opportunity platform to communicate and blend with the Millionaires – a rare opportunity to be one of the Millionaires of the region.
  6. Consultants WILL study businesses to improve and innovate on various areas
  1. Business Process function analysis
  2. Business Promotion – business projection through different media, experimenting with ideas is necessary but NOT landmines.
  3. Department scrutiny
  4. Workforce development procedures
  5. Standard Operation Procedure – Definition, Modification, Overhauling

Step 2.2 – Business Idea Powerhouse – Ideas of the Gurus + Projection in Millionaires Club

  • Got idea? But aren’t the Guru yet..? The Millionaires Club will help to polish you into a nerd.
  • Will it work? Or will you make it work? Or shall we make it work?
  • Prepare, compile, present the feasibility of working the ideas – financially, regionally and globally.
  • Do you want your idea to be a brand? From the platform of Millionaires it shall reach the millionaires. A millionaires brand will have fame without doubt. And the Famous and Brands sell everywhere.
  • Your ideas and The Millionaires Club will be a partnership – ideas which can give a unique dimension to a specific industry will boost the regional business perspective.
  • Million dollar idea will have Million Dollar sponsorship, Dream about standing with Messi and Maradona. That sounded Argentinean, but we aren’t. Champions know no nationalities and boundaries.
  • Prototyping of your ideas shall be done – Scoping, application, profitability, benefit analysis, cost effectiveness, innovative scaling, grading shall be conducted to mark the standard of the product.

Step 3 – Orientation + Audit of the New Business Implementation

Success of businesses depends heavily on diversification. Yes, Jack of all trades earns more. Master of one and none can only head one department.
Businesses nominated to lead through The Millionaires Club shall pursue diversification within various industries. The consultants will help and study. Mutual benefit will be maintained.
Diversification is Business Specialisation and mastery – and the challenge is REGIONAL leadership of business CLUSTERS.

ORIENTATION PROGRAM – programs shall be conducted to learn and unlearn new businesses, tactics, skills, know-how, operability, technical configuration, etc.

AUDIT of ORIENTATION PROGRAM – once an expertise is acquired and input is generated into a running or new business, a formal and strict audit shall be conducted at the end of the year to judge and scale the performance. Different criterion will be defined for different classes of rating.

RATING – will be defined under classes. Businesses which want to be recognised and attain the higher positions will have to fulfil certain procedures based on standards, industrial ethics, performance rating and user feedback.

Business Networking and Knowledge Domain Building + Sharing / Business Building with Knowledge Domain

The Millionaires Club is designed to produce more millionaires and blend them in the social and the global market.

And we want to maintain limited number of relations with high quality relationship. A relationship which shall stand for social circles, business opportunities, brainstorming, sharing of resources, innovative businesses, business development, high ended connection building, overseas business promotion and control.

The Business Club will be very selective in choosing their members. As we believe in high quality selection of the best of the best. This will promote the business champions on the globe and the region.

For this a set and strict criteria will have to be followed –

  • Success history of the to-be member and his / her business
  • Character track record of the expecting member
  • The social contribution by the expecting member
  • The business details and profit history of the member’s business – financial statements and business documents will be scrutinised by the Club Selection committee to ensure proper screening and to check the eligibility
  • Value addition the member shall undertake to contribute to the club
  • Educational value addition in the past by the expecting member
  • Financial contribution in the past to the underprivileged of the society
  • Lead management history of the member
  • Regional business expansion planFor the above the member will not only submit a case study but also present his / her credentials to the committee to be considered for the membership.
    Finally there shall be an interview cum discussion to enable the member to explain why his / her membership shall be of greater benefit for the society and the regional representation of the business club.
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Millionaires Business Club is all about doing business with a Style. It’s especially designed for the Elite, who are passionate about their businesses. This is a unique opportunity for you to rank yourself with the top business Leaders around the world. Join the club and widen your business network beyond the regional barriers. Benefit from our information sharing events and get in-depth knowledge and analysis about specific issues pertaining to your business. Use this invaluable insight to get competitive edge over the others and emerge as the business leader in your industry.

Millionaires Business Club Platinum Membership provides privileges of joining hand with the elites in Dubai, UAE and abroad. Through our Platinum Membership on-ground-events, knowledge-building-platform and online-business-networking-portal it can definitely expand your business circle and explore new business opportunities.


  • Connect and network in person with like-minded Entrepreneurs.
  • Enjoy exclusive attendance at “Millionaires Community” Networking, Events, and Activities.
  • Find new investment opportunities.Connect with Diplomats and Entrepreneurs around the globe.Upgrade and avail special offers on products and services.
  • Exclusive online business networking portal.



Platinum Membership of the Millionaires Business Club is by invitation only Members also have the privilege of proposing suitable colleagues, friends, family members and business associates for membership. The Membership Committee must approve members’ nominees. While seven out of ten companies or individuals who join the Club will do so by invitation, the Club also accepts applications. The Membership committee considers applications after careful screening by the Membership department, when references have been contacted.



Millionaires Business Club remains committed to enhancing international trade, and offer invaluable overseas trade opportunities to our regional members. To serve this purpose we have successfully attracted trade commissions from many countries to join us in these endeavors.



Apart from sharing knowledge and resources, the members of the club also share their personal, social and business connections with each other that will certainly help promote your brands and products and grow your business. Apart from the regular business networking events and activities, we also take advantage of the traditional local and international press & electronic media as well as the social media and online resources to promote the products, brands and services of our valued members that further translates into positive word-of-mouth that every business requires, eventually leading to greater profitability for your organization.



We aim to consistently develop our business nationally and internationally with the highest standards of quality and service by recruiting the best. Millionaires Business Club Giving Real Opportunity to Work and GROW If your passion and commitment is to serve and make a difference in the lives of others, we welcome you to apply to be part of our team. Please SUBMIT your CV and a recent photo.

Fulfill your dreams of abundance make an impact on the world and leave a legacy…